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Private Investigator Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a Private Investigator solve my case?

A: As a Detective Agency we can investigate and solve cases. The clients must know that the Private Investigator cannot foresee the future or predict the outcome. The private investigator is not a policeman and cannot take the law into it owns hands.

Q: What do private investigators investigate?

A: Each private investigator offers their own professional service. Private investigation include adultery, surveillance, criminal and civil cases. Consult your service provider and find out how it works.

Q: Can a private investigator hack a phone?

A: The answer is no! A private investigator cannot hack a phone. Private investigator cannot retrieve social media records, text messages or other data. It is illegal to hack a cell phone.

Q: What is a Private Investigator?

A: Private investigators or private detectives are persons, hired by private individuals or companies. They undertake investigative law services and conduct private investigations on their behalf. Private Investigators are generally ex-police detectives or trained and experienced private individuals.

Q: Must a private investigator have a licence to function?

A: Yes. The private investigator must register with the private security industry regulator authority. A private investigator must have a valid licence for himself and his company!

Private Investigations

Our Private investigator assist the SAPS investigating officer. Our findings in the criminal investigation is then presented to the state. Making prosecution more likely. The same findings are then handed to the client. The client can then present the very same evidence for his civil proceedings. We will complete the task within the time provided and work hand in hand with the authorities. Solving your problem is our top priority!

Solving your problem is our top priority!



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