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Background Checks

Background checks confirms or disproves a persons character or identity. Background checks are investigations into a persons background. A typical background check can include criminal or civil records. There are many forms of background checks. The investigation will focus on areas of concern. Background checks are often requested by businesses, attorneys and private clients. Background checks are useful to verify past and present information on a subject. A background check can help you make better choices when choosing a business partner, investments or a new tenant. Background checks will provide information on a persons ability to perform certain task. A criminal background check will highlight criminal history.

Types of background checks

  • Address verification
  • Employment information
  • Contact information
  • Criminal History
  • Business associations
  • Employment history
  • Credit status
  • Cellphone number ownership
  • Motor vehicle registration information
  • Property and Bonds
  • Registry of companies
  • Tax verifications
  • Due diligence report

Private Investigations

Looking for a local Private Investigator, contact PI Services Detective Agency. Our Private investigators will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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