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Pi Services Detective Agency 

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Internal Theft

Theft that involves an employee stealing from the employer. Employee theft can take many forms and have a major impact on a business. Theft is a form of stealing by taking another persons property or services without their consent. With the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it. The facts are that in a declining economy and an increase in financial distress people look towards other means to supplement their income. One such mean is unethical behavior and theft by employees. The losses don’t only have an impact on profits but also on extra expenses such as legal expenses, loss of productivity, extra security expenses, replacement of stock, increased insurance, loss of trained staff and the cost associated with training new staff. Industry place shrinkage between 5 % and 7% as a result of dishonest staff.

Examples of theft in the workplace. Are your employees committed?

  • Using company equipment after hours or over weekends
  • Using company stock for private jobs
  • Removing company stock from warehouse
  • Not making month end targets
  • Spending more time on the road
  • Staying away from work (Sick Certificate Fraud)
  • Secretive phone calls and emails
  • Missing Meetings and Appointments

Private Investigations

Looking for a local Private Investigator, contact PI Services Detective Agency. Our Private investigators will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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