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S20 GPS Magnetic Car Tracker

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S20 Features

5800mAh long battery life
Strong magnetic
Light sensor & disassemble alarm
LED hidden indicator design
Voice monitoring

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S20 GPS Tracking Device Functions:

Fast Positioning: provide Realtime GPS positioning of your device
Real-time Tracking: update position every 10 seconds with continuous tracking
Trace Playback: check the history trace of your asset to help you find useful information
User Define Geo-fence: users can set a range of Geo-fence on map, and it will alarm when the device gets in or out of pre-setting range via APP or SMS.
Over-Speed Alarm: when your over speed and alarm is sent via sms or app
Light Sensor & Disassemble Alarm: send alarm notification when someone remove the device
Strong Magnetic: easy to install on metal surface.
Low Power Alarm: power consumption in microampere level
5800mAh Rechargeable battery: 5800mAh large battery for 2 years long standby time
Low Power Consumption: when device is in low power, send message to tell you charge it in time
Platform/APP/SMS Checking: various methods like platform, app, sms to check asset status